Welcome to Munkeby Herberge, a small farm and hostel on the pilgrim road, right in the middle of Norway. The Munkeby area is surrounded by history; Close to the farm you find the ruins of the 12th century monastery, as well as the new monastery, Munkeby Mariakloster.

We offer accommodation in the storehouse, and breakfast and dining in our café. We have a small shop on the farm, where you can buy local food and handicrafts (opening hours in the right side menu) . We also have several venues that can be rented for different events, with room for more than 50 guests. (Map)


There are two bedrooms in the storehouse, one has 5 beds and the other has 9 beds. There is a cozy common room and kitchen with a fridge and a stove. Next door you will find sanitary facilities, including a washing machine, toilet and a shower.

Bed kr. 160,-
(2-3 people can rent the smallest room for kr. 500,-)
Bedsheets/towels kr. 90,-
Breakfast kr. 75,-
Breakfast with packed lunch kr. 120,-
Dinner kr. 135,-


Book by email: hakon.fiskvik@ntebb.no
Or give us a call: (+47) 996 92 315





We are open on demand all year


Some travel to Munkeby to walk the pilegrim road, others come for a rural family vacation. In Munkeby Herberge you can take part in various outdoor activities, try delicious local food and drinks, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the farm.

If you want to have a look around, there are many posibilities, either by car, bike or by walking.
Here are a list of places to visit:

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